GDPR for Schools

Centralise all your school's GDPR processes and staff training with GDPR software and DPO services developed by data protection and cyber security experts.

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Features & Benefits

Centralise monitoring and reporting

Save time managing compliance and quickly produce detailed reports to demonstrate that compliance.

Never miss a deadline

Useful reminders mean you will never miss deadlines for reporting data breaches or returning subject access and freedom of information requests.

Train staff quickly and easily

We provide an e-learning course within the platform that is specifically tailored to the education sector. It’s user friendly and modular based so your staff can stay up to date. You can monitor staff progress, track and report on results all in one place.

Review and track suppliers

As a data controller, you must only use processors that process data using appropriate technical and organisational measures to meet GDPR requirements and protect data subjects’ rights. Our pre-populated supplier area makes managing this easier and gives a central place to track supplier contracts.

Easily manage data breaches

Meet the requirement of recording and reporting data breaches and ensure they remain on track with our time limit counter.

Fulfil subject access requests

Our detailed subject access request area enables you to meet regulatory expectations and fulfil subject access requests in a timely and organised manner.

Produce professional GDPR compliant documents

Included is a set of IT Governance Publishing templates for you to personalise and download.

Automatically update staff accounts

Save time on account management with automatic syncing with your school’s management information system.

Supporting data protection by design

The risk assessment area enables you to easily work through DPIAs (data protection impact assessments) before deciding to implement new projects.

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