Helping you through the GDPR

Manage your school's journey to compliance, provide all staff with appropriate training and ensure you stay on top of all future and ongoing obligations.



  • Getting started

    If you’re at the beginning of your GDPR compliance journey, we can help you get off on the right foot! The checklist provided will help you identify where to start.

  • Your suppliers made simple

    Manage the systems and suppliers you use. The software and systems you collect or share data with, and the organisations that supply them, must also demonstrate GDPR compliance.

  • Staff Training

    It is essential that all staff receive GDPR training in order to be compliant. Simple online training is included for all users with a short quiz to evidence staff have received and understood the new legislation.

  • Subject Access Request

    Manage all requests made through the easy-to-use Subject Access Log. Receive reminders and assign responsibility to ensure you complete the required responses within 30 days.

  • Data Breaches

    You will only have 72 hours to report a qualified data breach under the GDPR. The Data Breach log helps ensure you manage this within the tight timescales and automatically report a breach direct to the ICO.

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Start your school's journey to compliance today, or take your organisation to the next level. GDPR.co.uk is also a tool to also evidence and remain compliant.

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